About Us

Perhaps the most important decision you (and the love of your life) will ever make is whether or not to get married. It’s a decision with a massive impact that ripples through your entire life and even your future.  The decision to tie the knot comes with a plethora of questions, considerations, and logistics. One of the biggest, most critical hurdles for most couples is COST. The venue, a minister, music, the reception, etc., are all legitimate expenses that can add and bring stress into what should be the happiest time of your life.


Not everyone has a marriage nest egg that’s been in the works for years. The costs of a dream wedding is a major concern for many couples, but shouldn’t be the reason joy is squeezed out of the planning process or why the wedding is put off or canceled.


When the expense is a problem, many couples opt for cheap alternatives, like a quick Vegas wedding. It gets the job done, but doesn’t create those lasting memories we dream of our entire lives.

Here at Express I Do, we confront the “astronomically expensive wedding” problem head-on with our “Boutique Wedding” model. Our Boutique wedding packages allow couples to significantly reduce the time and expense associated with traditional weddings, without sacrificing the beauty, elegance, and memories every couple desires and deserves.


Our Packages are complete with all the wedding essentials, including:

  • Venue

  • Coordinator/Planner/Consultant

  • Ordained Minister – Justice of the Peace

  • Witnesses

  • Music

  • Photographer/Videographer

  • Small Reception (Catering, Drinks, Setup, etc)


Once you purchase one of our affordable packages you can rest easy and focus on the big day, while we help with the details. For your convenience, we currently have locations in New York, Maryland, and Charlotte North Carolina. We are expanding rapidly.

Now that your dream wedding is within grasp, review our dates and reach out to us today.


We further the notion that committed relationships are the foundation of family. By helping loving couples achieve the wedding of their dreams without the added burden of the expense.