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How to: Easily Express I Do

January 15, 2019

Loving him and trusting that he was the one...Easy. Choosing to hire Express I Do, easy.


Express I Do services come in three packages. With each package, there are add on options. I simply chose the package that was right for my number of guests, how long I wanted the event to take place and where the love of my life and I wanted to get married.


We choose the platinum package and we added photography services, a candy bar and even our honeymoon!  In the weeks leading up to my wedding,  I was able to focus on fun with my girlfriends doing things like finding the perfect dress and choosing a hairstyle to go with. It was such a breeze not having to obsess over every single detail and be stressed out with the absurd cost of most weddings. Do yourself a favor, call Express I Do today!